What is JARTS?

With half century of achievements, it is Japan's only non-profit overseas-oriened technological assistance liaison office!


It is a member organization of approximately 200 companies covering almost all Japanese Railway-related companies including railway operators, rolling stock, electronics and other manufacturing companies, trading companies, construction companies, and consulting firms.



Established on September 1 1965 as (incorporated association) JAPAN RAILWAY TECHNICAL SERVICE on permission from Minister of Transport.
Reestablished on April 1 2013 as (general incorporated association) JAPAN RAILWAY TECHNICAL SERVICE on permission from Prime Minister.


Masafumi Yasutomi
Masafumi Yasutomi
Tsutomu Shimura
Tsutomu Shimura

Mission & Objectives

  1. To inform the Japanese railway system to the foreign countries
  2. To develop human resources
  3. To research the international railways

Business Overview

Our purpose is to conduct research study and information gathering/analysis about overseas railway to help advance overseas expansion of Japanese railway and contribute to the promotion of international cooperation.
To achieve the above purpose, we are engaged in the following activities:

Note: JARTS transferred its former consulting business related to overseas railway etc. to Japan International Consultants for Transportation Co., Ltd.(JIC) as of April 2012.

Greeting from JARTS

Japan Railway Technical Service (JARTS) was established in 1965, the year following the opening of the Tokaido Shinkansen in 1964, as an organization based in Japan for overseas railway technology cooperation. It was born mainly in response to request for technological cooperation from foreign countries inspired by the opening of the Shinkansen that heralded the age of high-speed railway. Ever since then and for a half century, JARTS has implemented technical cooperation with more than 60 countries and contributed to the development of railway across the world.

JARTS has transferred its consulting business and is now implementing projects with strong focus on public interest to promote overseas expansion of Japanese railway and international cooperation, based on its rich experience cultivated over years of consultation. The projects can be classified as follows:

All of these projects are important for Japan’s efforts to actively promote overseas expansion of railway and international cooperation.

Under the guidance of its related organizations as well as with support and encouragement from JARTS members, JARTS will further strive to effectively promote overseas expansion of Japanese railway by taking full advantage of its feature as a general incorporated association with membership consisting mostly of a wide range of businesses related to overseas railway expansion.